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Our Mexico RV Caravans

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Join us for a fully escorted RV Caravan Tour down Mexico’s west coast from Nogales to Melaque and to the interior Colonial cites. Our RV Caravan tours feature both city and beach camping plus an opportunity to explore Mexico’s spectacular Copper Canyon (all inclusive included). We usually try to include one of Mexico’s wonderful carnival celebrations. Our tours depart Nogales, Arizona and cross the border again  at Nogales or Texas, 1.5 to 3 months later depending on the tour. Tours & RV park fees are included .

Our tours are be led by wagon masters experienced in the route. Our tours are also be escorted by the Green Angels (like AAA). Our caravans are designed for those who have more time on their hands and do not want a quick "up & down" trip. After all if it is costing that much to get down there, you want some time to spend at the final destination, not just turn around & head home.

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Our Head Office


Caravanas de Mexico is based in Mexico and we are involved in several tourist related activities. We run many bus tours within Mexico. We cater to those who have a some spare time to see more of the country, hassle-free. We can do tours in several languages, including Spanish, English, French & Italian. We specialize in Copper Canyon and Mexico's Colonial Cities. Apart from running our own RV Caravans we also provide services to our competitors, setting up tours for them & reserving RV parks, etc. To go to our web site, select the "head Office" link above.


Copper Canyon & Other Tours


Our specialty is Copper Canyon. We do several tours each season to Copper Canyon, some by bus, some by RV Caravan and some direct from El Fuerte. Also, some in conjunction with other tour operators. Press the Copper Canyon link above for a description of our Copper Canyon tour.

We also do many other tours of Mexico and can customize.

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